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With News4u2 membership you have access to thousands of pictures, movies, multimedia, software programs, games, music including mp3's and can participate in discussion groups that cover practically any subject you could imagine. Usenet is the safest way to participate in file sharing over the Internet. Better than Kazar and other P2P programs for mp3's etc.


  Safe Secure Uncensored Anonymous Usenet Access

* We understand people need to access the Usenet in different ways, we offer you various membership    options to suit every need and budget.

* If you are new to the Usenet, we will help you if you have any problems.

* Choose from a combination of up to 6 Uncensored Newsgroup Servers.

* A web based newsgroup gateway is included (with servers 1,2,3 & 4).

* Selected servers carry all newsgroups that exist today including newsgroups that may be banned or    censored by your ISP, even if they do give you all the groups do you want them to know which one's    you are accessing and downloading from.

* With News4u2 your privacy to the newsgroups you download from is assured.

* News4u2 believe you have the right to decide what material you read on the Internet so you get    uncensored unmonitored newsgroup access with news4u2 and no interference from    Internet providers or censoring governments.

* Safe secure sign up with our billing agent PayPal.

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  Our Servers.

   Server 1

Dedicated binary newsgroups with extended retention rates.

   Server 2

100,000 + uncensored newsgroups plus anonymous posting.

   Server 3

Dedicated to uncensored binary newsgroups.

   Server 4

Dedicated to uncensored adult content newsgroups.

   Server 5

40,000 + of the best uncensored newsgroups, includes anonymous posting.

   Server 6

Reserved for future use.

   Server 7

57,000 + of the best uncensored newsgroups, this server is located in the Netherlands.


  Active group lists on 01/05/03

Use these lists as a guide, groups are added and deleted depending on the amount of activity within particular groups. If you don't see the group you are looking for in the lists it can be added as long as it is being actively posted to.


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  Are your Usenet activities being watched.

Where is your normal news server? At Netcom? America Online? A provider in France? Belgium? Singapore? Beware, wherever you are! Your Internet provider can see in their modem logs which user is connect to each of their modems at every point of time. And they can see what modem node is using their own news server and what newsgroup the user on that modem is reading and even the exact articles and pictures that user is downloading. At news4u2 your news reading activities are NOT logged! We don't know what you read and we do not care. It is up to YOU! The user must decide. Let the user rule the Internet and not oppressive governments! One way is to read your news from an independent server on secure ground!









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